Beatles Vinyl Box Set Out Tomorrow

The long awaited remastered Beatles Vinyl Box Set is out tomorrow.

Personally I think I’m just going to get Sgt. Pepper & Revolver. I’m not enough of a vinyl head to spend over $300 on a box of LPs I probably won’t listen to that many times. But I am curious enough that I do want to at least get a couple of my very favorite Beatles albums in this latest format (and how many different ways can they end up releasing these albums?)

That said; I know there are some real vinyl freaks out there for whom this is a huge deal… so CLICK HERE to order the remastered vinyl box set on Amazon.

(my previous entry on this topic.)

11 thoughts on “Beatles Vinyl Box Set Out Tomorrow

  1. Hugo Gatsby

    Hey Marvin
    Nice post. Just wondering though, since the theme change I haven’t been able to log in to post. Could you explain how I should?!

  2. Marvin Marks Post author

    Hey Hugo – I’m not sure … I’m going to set aside some time at some point to try to get this blog up & running again … the update came because the site was hacked so I had to erase a bunch of stuff … total pain in the ass.

  3. Marvin Marks Post author

    ah… is it just that you guys don’t have a link to the login page?

    if so then this should work for now:

    I’ll be adding a link back to the top and getting the site branding back up… maybe even today. !

    sorry about this BS. … the problem for me is that I run quite a few websites and a lot of them were hacked … it’s been a huge pain in my ass. fucking hacking bastards.

  4. Marvin Marks Post author

    login links have been added to the bottom of the sidebar and the footer … hopefully that’s all you need to be able to login… from what I can see of the accounts everything should still be functional

  5. Marvin Marks Post author

    OK – so now the site is pretty much running as it should be again … LOGIN is back on the top (to the far right of the navbar)

    back to the topic: I ended up getting two of these LPs for Christmas. I think that’s all I need really, the whole set is unnecessary as I don’t listen to vinyl all that often. It’s nice to have a few of their albums (my very favorites) in vinyl but… beyond that it’s just a collector thing and I’ve never really been into that (being a collector.)

    1. Marvin Marks Post author

      er… newer comments are at the top now, bit weird. might change it back, maybe not? … i guess it doesn’t matter as I’m just talking to myself anyway!

      1. Marvin Marks Post author

        theoretically; if a post became really popular (like the Hollywood Undead post did) it would be neat to see the newer comments first, rather having to scroll through hundreds of old comments first… but I think on posts with only a few comments it looks kind of weird. (on the other hand… the ability to respond directly to individual comments should keep things right… right)

  6. Amadeus

    Gotta say, the new comments at the top have really thrown me off. I’m used to the comments starting off sort of civilised and gradually degenerating into swear words and personal abuse. Now it starts of horrible and gradually heads into politeness.

    BTW, Made the decision not to get any Beatles vinyl.


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