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!!!NAME THAT TUNE!!!…Please?

Howdy internet trawlmeisters: In January 1984 I taped (remember those days?) about an hour of my favorite radio program “The Original Import Show” on Toronto’s CFNY 102.1-The Spirit Of Radio.

In the days before the internet, that was the only way to hear about the coolest new wave obscurites from Britain and Europe. After you heard some sound that appealed to you, if you got the name of the artist, you had to race down to the import record store to grab a copy before they were gone and (for the most part) lost in the mists of time (as most of them were).

So,,, here’s my problem: the last song on the tape got cut off about a minute into it and I didn’t get the name  of the band. As the ’80s rolled on, I started trying to find out WHAT THIS SONG WAS! But nobody knew! I even found the host of that program recently and he had no memory of this tune at all.

So,,, I bring this query to the WORLD. Someone on this planet (or one near here) must know what this song is and who does it! I would dearly like to know so I can obtain the whole song and perhaps others, using the frightening new techniques that science has made available today.

Here you are: Mystery Song

I’m sure it’s some (now) obscure European group whose identity is lost in the distant past but I MUST KNOW this song! …and you’re in a position to help.

Thank you indeed.

New Guy

Hello Everyone

I am the new guy on here and looking forward to lots of chatting. I mainly signed up to meet new people and writes lots of reviews. I am mainly into my Heavy Metal and rock but will give anything a listen, I look forward to chatting to everyone and getting started on my reviews.

Thank You


Online Christmas Shopping: Time Is Running Out

A little PSA for anyone else who does almost all of their Christmas shopping online: Time is running out, especially if you’re interested in getting free shipping (which I would assume that you are.)

Some Places To Shop:,, &

In Canada:

In the UK:

If you’re reading this on December 24th (or if you really just can’t think of what to buy for someone on your list) then an Amazon Gift Certificate is probably your best bet because someone can pretty much buy anything they would want at Amazon since it has such a huge selection.

DEVO Titles on the Bloody Market

There are a few DEVO DVD’s on the market that most certainly deserve your utmost attention; one of which is The Complete Truth about De-evolution. This title is quite nifty, as it allows the viewer to experience DEVO from their humble beginnings in the great state of Ohio…to their rather bland “end” in the even greater state of California. The DVD collects every DEVO music video known to man, except for a select few, of which they were quite probably not able to successfully get clearance on. Funny how this was originally released on Laserdisc, and even more funny that DEVO founders Mark and Gerald give their candid and highly stylized commentary throughout the DVD’s duration, if one does so choose to listen.

These chaps had some stellar dance moves, and bonus features include DEVO live material…including their first performance while attending university in the great state of Ohio. I say that The Complete Truth about De-evolution is sincerely mega-neat and worth your extra special time. Funny thing about it is that my favorite DEVO video is their early Stones cover, or is it?

Moving onto the second DEVO DVD that I do so choose to write about, which is DEVO: Live in the land of the Rising Sun. It is DEVO in Japan for the first time in twenty-two years! Filmed in 2003, when the spuds were no doubt older, fatter, and hopefully wiser. You get all of the classic cuts played to groovy Japanese fans wearing energy domes. Songs like “Mongoloid” and “Whip It” never fail to impress. It is a fun and rocking good time, Mark and Gerald wax political in abstract ways as part of the bonus section. In between live performances, Mark and Gerald boast of their sexual conquests of Japan in the early ‘80’s, which is really scary due to the candid nature and the frighten images you’ll have in your head of members of DEVO actually involved in the physical act of love, not something you would expect from a group of Aliens raised in Ohio.

You can get these awesome titles through Netflix or Amazon, maybe ask your mom and dad to buy them. Because, when it comes to good music…it’s pretty much a toss-up between T-REX and DEVO, so the choice is yours to make…