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Music By Day, Silence By Night ( A diagram of the brain on music in in 6 easy steps)

Remember when you were a kid and you went to the family reunion and your favorite uncle you got to see only once a year said something really funny about your mum and you laughed so hard, Pepsi came out of your nose, and now all these years later, you’re grown up and you now realise that he wasn’t really all that funny after all? Well, this post has absolutely nothing to do with that topic. If this is what you were expecting to read about, you’ll have to go to Ellen‘s site. This is a music blog, though I’m not going to be spending a lot of time on music.

I just moved. It was in the same building but all the same, Mrs. A and I still had to pack stuff (Oh the stuff we have accumulated!) and unpack it in the new place. And here’s a fact that science hasn’t been able to explain. It doesn’t matter how much bigger your new place is, all the stuff you took out of the smaller place won’t fit into the spacious new spread. I’m not sure why. It must be along the same reasons that explain wire hangers mysteriously multiplying or day time TV.

However, we are settling in fairly quickly and smoothly.

My "Office". Where I strum on my guitar and play games...

(Oh look! A music reference!)

I know that most of you don’t really care what I’ve been up to. “Why are you wasting our precious time with this tedious story you jackass?” Well fine! Go read another article.    Here’s    a nice one about a 10 year old album that I only discovered now!

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It Was 50 Years Ago Today…pt.3

Well! After their regular schedule of Cavern and other club appearances, The Beatles, still waiting for that elusive record contract and subsequent fame, headed of for their third trip to Hamburg and their first of three residencies at the Star Club. The big desirable place to play. The building is now torn down. Another landmark obliterated from History, although the spot is marked where it was.

The Archway Through To The Club Location

The Very Same Archway Today

I think now they got to fly over and stay in an actual hotel with beds and sheets!

The Beatles concentrating hard on their nice hotel beds, April '62

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More Hip Injuries (Painfully Yours)

Yeeaaahhhhh!!!!! Aaaahhhhhhhgggh!!

OK! Here’s what happened today. I’m the nicest guy in the world (ever!) and I take my wife to the hairdresser and politely sit and wait for her while I enjoy music on my iPod. The room that we’re usually in is playing the TV rather than the standard issue generic psuedo-R&B/Hip Hop/rave/dance/luvvy duvvy technicolour yawn inducing piddle that today passes as culture for the modern moron idiot.

So we instead get to enjoy the lowest common denominator cultural enema produced nonsense that today passes as good and educational T.V. (Totally Vapid…) While I’m listening to “cool” music, I get to watch the Karshadians contribute to the ever increasing pile of doo doo “reality shows” about people that are somehow supposed to be an inspiration to us lesser humans (if we’re even that), so that we can aspire to greater levels of insipid high mediocrity (as an art form), whereas if the sleeping masses ever discovered just how lame all these star studded celebrities actually are and realise that they’ve actually just been wasting their precious time, they (the masses) would murder them in their sleep.

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