Great New Artist: Latex Grenade

Hey guys (and girls). I apologize for not writing a post in a while. My life has become as intense as it can possibly be.

Anyways, I just got back from a trip to LA, and got a good chance to listen to some music, especially while sitting in never ending bumper to bumper traffic! One of my business clients showed me a new group with a fresh sound. This band was Latex Grenade. They just released their debut EP, and I can’t say that they sound like anyone else; it is truly a unique sound. When I got home, I went and picked up their CD on itunes (Latex Grenade EP).

Track 4 was a funny surprise. The song is called “Tits On a Stick”! The words are classic, and the chorus is really catchy and funny. The chorus goes,”Tits on a stick you could never forgive Those mountains on your chest is where i want to live…..”

I did more research on these guys, and it turns out they have a live version of this song and an unplugged version on youtube. Since Marvin does not usually like us posting  youtube videos, here are the links to the song. Note that the unplugged version has really funny and sexy pictures in it!

“Tits On a Stick” Live 

“Tits On a Stick” Unplugged 

I don’t know much about these guys, but I definitely see some good potential. Let me know how you guys feel about Latex Grenade, I’m pretty curious! Their official website is

2 thoughts on “Great New Artist: Latex Grenade

  1. rockman858 Post author

    Haha yea! That song is hilarious! Their other stuff is really good too. I really like track 3, “Break my Fall” as well. It has a really catchy chorus also.


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