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Learn Guitar Scales
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Guitar Scale Mastery is the top ranked method for learning guitar scales fast. Having a good understanding of guitar scales is essential for being a good guitar soloist.

This guaranteed to work (100% satisfaction guarantee) method for learning guitar scales focuses on all five of the essential skills that you need for true mastery of guitar scales.

1. The Ears: You have to hear the scale to be able to play the scale musically.
2. The Eyes. You have to be able to visualize scales over the entire fretboard.
3. The Fingers. You have to be able to play fluidly anywhere on the fretboard.
4. The Intellect. You have to understand scales to play interesting parts.
5. Applications. Putting it all together in order to play in a musical way.

If you are lacking in any of these areas then you will not truly master guitar scales and you will not be a good lead guitarist/soloist. If you want to be a truly great guitar player you have to have a complete mastery of scales.

This is your key to being able to play guitar like a true professional. And your guide will be Craig Bassett who is a professional guitarist himself.



• Learn how to use scales in a musical way.
• You will be able to visualize a scale over the entire fretboard.
• You will be able to hear scales so that you can play musically.
• Learn how to move fluidly up and down the freatboard.
• With Guitar Scale Mastery you will be in the top 5% of guitarists.
• You will learn scales so deeply they "become a part of you."
• You will be able to use scales skillfuly without even thinknig about it.
• You will greatly improve your improvising skills.
• You will be very confident when jamming with other musicians.
• 100% satisfaction guarantee. No risk involved.
• Download all materials immediately. Nothing to wait for. Start now.
• Get a 3 year premium membership for just a one time charge.
Free Bonus - 246 page ebook: Pentatonic Guitar Success.
• The price works out to less than $2/month.
• Customer testimonials proves that it works.

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Learn Guitar Scales With Guitar Scale Mastery