It Was 50 Years Ago Today…pt.3

Well! After their regular schedule of Cavern and other club appearances, The Beatles, still waiting for that elusive record contract and subsequent fame, headed of for their third trip to Hamburg and their first of three residencies at the Star Club. The big desirable place to play. The building is now torn down. Another landmark obliterated from History, although the spot is marked where it was.

The Archway Through To The Club Location

The Very Same Archway Today

I think now they got to fly over and stay in an actual hotel with beds and sheets!

The Beatles concentrating hard on their nice hotel beds, April '62

These young guys have been slogging it out for years (2 years!) and got a rejection from Decca in Feb but got a recording out of it to shop around although Epstein was pushing for EMI to take them on.

They are nearly there!

While at their Star Club residency in April, they receive a message from Brian stating that a deal with Parlophone (EMI) was imminent. ecstatic and impatient, they wire back:

Paul “Please wire 10,000 pounds advance royalties.”

George “Please order four new guitars.”

John “When are we going to be millionaires?

On April 10th, two days after the band went to Hamburg, the first ex-Beatle, Stu Sutcliffe died of a brain hemorage.

Incidentally, “My Bonnie” got it’s first U.S. release in April of ’62. Why, and Who Bought It?

The Beatles first U.S. record release. It helped them to remain stunningly unfamous.

If you happen to own one of these tasty bad boys, (don’t confuse it with the 1964 re-issue, which sold lots) you could help pay off the national debt of a small central American country.

Pete Best and the boys are quickly approaching the point of take off to superstardom. Things start to speed up for them over the next 2 months,,,so come back over the next 2 months to see what…

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