Janelle Monae

I’ve recently become aware of Janelle Monae and she seems to be a remarkable talent. Remarkable to the point where I feel that I must make others aware of her as well by writing this post that you must be reading right now.

I’m not an expert on her. In fact, I know very little about her except that she puts on quite a show (search for her live performances and music videos on YouTube) and her debut album, The ArchAndroid, sounds like about the freshest thing I’ve heard from the world of R&B in approximately 40 years.

It’s an intriguing genre hopping album. To give you an idea of what I mean by genre hopping; there’s a song on it, “Mushrooms & Roses,” that reminds me of Super Furry Animals and Black Moth Super Rainbow. There’s another song, “Make The Bus,” that features Of Montreal. And there’s plenty of songs (most obviously “Tightrope” which features Big Boi from Outkast) that are influenced by James Brown.

There’s a song, “Neon Gumbo,” that features backwards vocals and there’s “Oh, Maker” which sounds like a combination of folk music with soul music (yes, somehow this works.) And did I mention the two orchestral overtures? How about that big band influenced final track? The arrangement on that one is completely tripped out.

This is a very ambitious album, and amazingly it manages to not collapse under the weight of all of that ambition. It works (at least on initial listens, I don’t know yet how well it will age of course.)

Please do not be dissuaded by the association with P. Diddy/Sean Combs (he signed her to his label, Bad Boy Records.) Janelle Monae is definitely worth checking out with your own two ears.

11 thoughts on “Janelle Monae

  1. Marvin Marks Post author

    I should also mention that I think the song featuring Of Montreal may actually be my least favorite. I don’t think I like Of Montreal. Kevin Barnes really grates on my nerves.

  2. Freddy Kane

    I think people just like her because she’s black. It’s probably the same idiots that voted for Barack Obama.

    Now look at what he did by making all the oil go everywhere…

    God Damn affirmative action

  3. WTF?

    Freddy Kane – WTF?! You’re a moron. Do you think people only think Michael Jordan was a great basketball player because he was black?

    And Obama did make any oil go anywhere you fool. BP did. Let me guess, you’re in the Tea Party?

  4. Freddy Kane

    Hell yes! I’m in the Tea Party. Isn’t every real American? The Democrat Party is nothing but a front for Communists and Obama is obviously a communist or a Nazi of some kind. He is a plant! And it’s also obvious to everyone paying attention that he made this oil spill happen so he could try to nationalize everything some more! It’s all a part of his communism plot.

    And all of this happened because so many gullible people wanted to vote for “hope” and “change” just because it was a smiling black man! You libs kill me.

    Only two years until Sarah Palin is President, Thank God!

  5. Freddy Kane

    The worst thing the libs do is when they impersonate us tea party people trying to make us look stupid. Were the smart ones! Were the ones who see Barack Hussein Obama for who he really is!

    This Janelle Monae is just another part of the liberal plot to destroy this once beautiful country. If you watched Glenn Beck sometime, maybe you would finally understand what it means to be a real American. It’s not about smoking your dope and listening to black music.


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