More Hip Injuries (Painfully Yours)

Yeeaaahhhhh!!!!! Aaaahhhhhhhgggh!!

OK! Here’s what happened today. I’m the nicest guy in the world (ever!) and I take my wife to the hairdresser and politely sit and wait for her while I enjoy music on my iPod. The room that we’re usually in is playing the TV rather than the standard issue generic psuedo-R&B/Hip Hop/rave/dance/luvvy duvvy technicolour yawn inducing piddle that today passes as culture for the modern moron idiot.

So we instead get to enjoy the lowest common denominator cultural enema produced nonsense that today passes as good and educational T.V. (Totally Vapid…) While I’m listening to “cool” music, I get to watch the Karshadians contribute to the ever increasing pile of doo doo “reality shows” about people that are somehow supposed to be an inspiration to us lesser humans (if we’re even that), so that we can aspire to greater levels of insipid high mediocrity (as an art form), whereas if the sleeping masses ever discovered just how lame all these star studded celebrities actually are and realise that they’ve actually just been wasting their precious time, they (the masses) would murder them in their sleep.

But today, I got to see some actual music content on Much Music (our equivalent of MTV). And I was totally inspired to come to you with my unwanted opinion today about what I saw, (besides Nickleback).

I got to be introduced to a delightful young artist that goes by the very cool name of DIGGY. Have you ever heard of him? I’m not picking on him specifically, just that I happened to catch a live interview/show at the TV studio (complete with Beatlemania-like screaming girls) and realised that he is totally symptomatic of all that is wrong with so called “western culture”.

First of all, what the dickens kind of name is Diggy? (Rhymes with…). Automatically, you know that he is some sort of hip hop guy. He wears sunglasses indoors and does all the cool hand gestures like some kind of “representin‘” Free Mason. Actually, The Beatles is a pretty stupid name too. So is Pink Floyd. But who will deny that those guys play pretty damn cool music? Not only that, but they’re really good and swell.

Diggy doesn’t have the safety net of ‘good music‘ to fall back on, but the thing is that he doesn’t know it. And what makes it worse is that the adoring screaming fans don’t know it either. And the interviewer doesn’t seem to have any idea either. The questions are usually a sub human level of intellect, that require vague, uninformative, moronic answers that are received as a message from god.

So what are you trying to say with your music Mr. Digg?(Scab)

I’m jes tryin’ to say that anythin’ is possible, know what I’m sayin’, and you gottoo, put yourself out there and represent and realise that you can do anythin’ and say what’s in your heart.”

So is there anything that you’d like to say to our studio audience today?(Assholiness)

You jes gotta follow your heart and do what you want and you can do anythin’. I came up from nothin’ and made myself. Ain’t no one else gonna do it for you, know what I’m sayin‘”

Pull Up Your Pants and stop trying to prove how incredibly stupid you are and join the real world and do the dishes once in a while. And don’t keep adding to the already putrifying pile that is “American Culture“. You guys just go around the world inflicting your sunglasses and hand movements on those cultures that are thousands of years old (places where they actually take pride in national culture and art), yours is only 200 years old and it’s not that bichen.

Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look? No, of course not, because you ALL look the same and put out the same lousy poop year after year until nobody knows the difference between something that’s actually good and something that is crap.

Actually, people can tell the difference, they just got it reversed. They don’t have time for something good because they’ve been trained to accept crap as having nutritional benefit.

This wasn’t a very good rant but I’m in the middle of moving and that makes me cross and maybe you should check in next week or so where I’ll have a nice article about The Beatles with a couple of facts you might have forgotten.

Meanwhile, here’s a pleasant tune to help cleanse the palate:

Lard -Drug Raid At 4AM

5 thoughts on “More Hip Injuries (Painfully Yours)

  1. Potency

    Amadeus, you sell yourself short? Once again, a wonderful example of top-notch ranting – from the bottom of my heart I thank you. For the laugh, firstly, and secondly for saying what’s been on many of our minds for so many years.

    Keep it up :) And have a cup of tea to calm those fraying nerves. Or vodka. That’s good for nerves too.

  2. Amadeus Post author

    Thank you Ms. K Potency (Supernova)
    I’ll try the vodka (comrade) and if that doesn’t work, I’ll move on to the harder stuff (Tea).

    Nice to hear from you. When are you going to post something mind blowing here at Music By Day again?

  3. Amadeus Post author

    Thankyou kindly mein herr.
    Since it seems that stuff that makes me cross is so popular, I’ll be on the lookout for more upsetting stuff. Isn’t that nice?

  4. H

    it has been proven on many occasions that letting off steam is good for us all. i think the positive is the fact that when it is done well it has the double effect of entertaining us and allowing some stress reflief on your part!!


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