New Jimi Hendrix Album: Valleys Of Neptune

A new Jimi Hendrix album including previously unreleased recordings made from February to May 1969 is due out on March 9, 2010: Valleys Of Neptune.

The 12 song track listing includes some songs that just about every Hendrix fan will already be familiar with (including “Stone Free,” “Fire,” & “Red House”) but it also includes some songs such as the title track and a cover of Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love” which have not been given an official release before.

The familiar songs will be heard in new ways (at least for those who are not collectors of bootlegs) as these are different recordings of those famous songs. And even those who are bootleg collectors will be pleased to hear these songs in pristine audio quality for the first time.

Track Listing:

1. Stone Free
2. Valleys Of Neptune
3. Bleeding Heart
4. Hear My Train A Comin’
5. Mr. Bad Luck
6. Sunshine Of Your Love
7. Lover Man
8. Ships Passing In The Night
9. Fire
10. Red House
11. Lullaby For The Summer
12. Crying Blue Rain

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