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I used to play a bit of guitar but I never got very good at it. Recently I’ve been inspired by a book I’ve been reading (Guitar Man) to pick it up again and after coming across a few of their YouTube videos while looking for guitar lessons I’ve decided to buy the 12 DVD set from Next Level Guitar. I really thought their YouTube lessons were that good, that I wanted to just go ahead and buy these DVDs without a whole lot more convincing needed.

12 of them for $229 seems like a good deal anyway, that’s 24 hours of guitar lessons (there’s 2 hours on each.) Think about how much it would cost you to hire a guitar teacher to teach you in person for 24 hours. It’d be a hell of a lot more than $229. And with these you can watch them over and over again rather than just having that access for a short bit of time.

I don’t know. I’m just excited about this and wanted to share. If you’re into learning guitar too then check it out. No, I haven’t actually watched the DVDs yet, but when I get them I’ll add to this review, you know so it’s actually a review of how good the guitar lessons are rather than just me sharing my excitement. Anyway CLICK HERE if you want to check it out for yourself.

UPDATE: Next Level Guitar Review

OK, I’ve actually started using the Next Level Guitar lessons and they definitely do not disappoint. I’m very pleased with them in fact.

I’ve tried a variety of methods for learning guitar before and I always found that they didn’t explain things very well and that made it hard to learn. And I found that other guitar teachers (whether in person or on video) were often very condescending towards people weren’t as good as they were. It’s like they would use giving guitar lessons as an excuse to show off how good they are instead of actually teaching you how to play.

With Next Level Guitar you don’t get any of those bad attitudes. Instead you get really great lessons that take things nice and slow (and they explain everything.) And if something is too slow for you, or it’s something you already know, you can easily skip to the next lesson.

I’ve been really inspired by these lessons (and the book!) and I’ve been playing more than I ever have in my life before. I’m already improving and playing things I’ve never been able to play before. It’s great.

5 thoughts on “Next Level Guitar Lessons

  1. Marvin Marks

    Stephen, I disagree. Learning from tabs is not very effective in comparison to having someone show you the techniques. With tabs it’s hard for beginners to understand how to actually get their fingers to do what the tabs say.

    If you really want to learn guitar – I think it’s better to learn the technique rather than to focus just on learning some songs. This will give you the ability to learn and play any song very well – it just greatly increases how quickly you improve.

    I don’t have any experience with Next Level Guitar – I’m just talking about how much quicker people learn from example rather than just trying to pick it up from tabs. I know if I watch a video of someone playing a song that I pick it up about 20 times faster than if I just try to figure it out from tabs – and I think most people are like that.

  2. Harold g

    This could have been sooo much better. When the teacher makes a mistake instead of editing it out or starting over . She says wait that was wrong, So you as the student are getting erroneous information you must then disreguard.
    It is so infuriating I came to find a place I could rant. I don’t believe next level guitar has a comments section on it’s web site.
    Wonder why ?

  3. Marvin Marks

    Hey Harold G – Long Bong told me that Next Level Guitar has many different teachers that you learn from – some are better than others. I wouldn’t be discouraged by one bad video. He told me there are some not so great ones – but most of them are very useful.


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