Pet Sounds Documentary

A 40 minute documentary on the making of The Beach Boys 1966 album Pet Sounds, previously only available on the “Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds Live” DVD, can now be watched on YouTube:

3 thoughts on “Pet Sounds Documentary

  1. h

    Thank you for that. it is an interesting thing to listen to the guys that actually made it. A great testament to the song he must have had in his head that he could bring all of those amazing musicans together.

  2. Amadeus

    It’s interesting how he had all this stuff in his head and yet was still able to take suggestions from the ‘wrecking crew’ and use them.

    And how he got those guys to sing those harmonies. They were already set there in his head! Of course, the ‘guys’, at least technically, were on par with Brian’s needs/requests, because I’ve never heard harmony that complex, sung that flippin’ good and tight without using pitch correction.


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