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Ear training is important for all musicians & singers. It's common knowledge among musicians that you can only play & sing as well as you can hear. There are two basic types of ear training: perfect pitch ear training & relative pitch ear training. Pure Pitch Method will help you learn both pure pitch & relative pitch. The effect of this will be to make you an immeasurably better singer, songwriter, & musician (no matter what instrument you play.)

The Pure Pitch Method is 100% guaranteed and since there is a full money back refund period of 8 weeks there's no risk involved in buying it. If you are unsatisfied with it for any reason (and you won't be!) you can easily receive all of your money back. There's nothing to lose, and golden ears to gain!

The website is filled with customer testimonials so you know that this product has worked for many others. If it's worked for them then surely it will also work for you. What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to check it out.

There's a prevailing myth that only certain people have the perfect pitch ability and that most people can never develop it. Pure Pitch Method proves that untrue! Anyone can attain perfect pitch through this incredible program.

What skills will you develop with the Pure Pitch Method?

+ The ability to name notes and chords by ear.
+ You will be able to know how to play songs simply by hearing them.
+ You'll be able to sing notes from memory (without need for a pitch pipe.)
+ You will be able to compose melodies in your head easily.
+ The ability to name a song's key signature just by listening to it.
+ The ability to recognize whether a pitch is sharp or flat by ear.
+ Much improved improvisational skill.
+ An increased appreciation for music.



39 Daily Lessons To Help You Master Relative & Perfect Pitch.
• 100% Guarantee. 56 Day Full Money Back Refund Period.
• Instant Access. Download It Right Now! Available 24/7/365.
• Improves Singing. (Especially When Combined With Singorama.)
• Improves Musicianship With All Instruments.
• Special Low Price (May Be Raised At Any Time, So Take Advantage!)
• Greatly Improves Songwriting Ability.

• Helps You To Become A Top Notch Improvisational Musician!

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Pure Pitch Method



Of course the perfect pitch recognition aspect of this ear training audio course is what really excites a lot of people but the relative pitch training part should really be just as important to anyone who wants to be a great musician, songwriter, and/or singer.


With this audio course you will learn how to recognize all intervals. Minor 2nd, Major 2nd, Minor 3rd, Major 3rd, Perfect 4th, Diminished 5th, Perfect 5th, Minor 6th, Major 6th, Minor 7th, Major 7th, and of course octave jumps (Unison.) You will also learn the Minor 9th, Major 9th, Augmented 9th, Diminished 11th, Perfect 11th, Augmented 11th, Double Diminished 13th, Minor 13th, Major 13th, & Augmented 13th intervals!


You will learn how to identify different chords by their type. You will be able to tell what a major chord sounds like, what a minor chord sounds like, what a major 7th sounds like, a minor 7th chord sounds like, what a suspended chord sounds like, what an augmented chord sounds like, and what a diminished chord sounds like. You will even learn what very "jazzy" sounding chords like the major 13th chord sounds like. Simply put, you will learn what every kind of chord sounds like! It's important to know what sound all chords have in order to be a good musician. Pure Pitch Method will give you this valuable skill.



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note: "absolute pitch" is the same thing as perfect pitch. it's just another name for it.

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