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Amazon “Cyber Monday” Deals

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts (or just for a great deal for something for yourself) then you should definitely check out Amazon’s “Cyber Monday” deals today. There’s a lot of great deals on all kinds of stuff, including music.

For example you can get the Bob Dylan mono box set (his first 8 albums in their original mono) for just $70 instead of the usual $113 price.

There’s also “lightning deals” coming up for The Beatles remastered blue (’67-’70) & red (’62-’66) collections. These “best of” collections make great gifts for someone who hasn’t yet got in to The Beatles. Amazon is already selling them very cheaply (just $13 for the double disc sets) so I’m sure the “Cyber Monday” deal will be ridiculously low (they aren’t saying how low it will be.)

There are also lightning deals coming up for albums by Kings of Leon and Bruce Springsteen.

Bestsellers On Amazon

The current bestselling albums on Amazon.com with my commentary for each.

#1 Brian Wilson – Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin

I’ve been planning on checking this out myself, but I haven’t got to it yet. I’m a huge fan of Brian Wilson and I think this is a pretty cool idea. In fact I may buy the mp3 version of the album right now.

#2 Ray LaMontagne – God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise

I don’t really know this guy’s music at all. But for some reason I associate it with the Oprah crowd. Like Josh Groban or something like that. Is that way off the mark? Should I give it a shot?

#3 John Mellencamp – No Better Than This

I can’t say I have any interest in hearing this album. He seems like a good enough guy, but I’m not a big fan of his work from his prime so it’d be very surprising if this album did anything for me.

#4 Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

I dislike their first two albums, so I haven’t bothered with this one yet. I just don’t get this band or why they are so popular in the indie world. To me they are very “over-dramatic” in a U2 kind of way. (I got the U2 comparison from Marvin, it really rings true to me.)

#5 Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

Yeah, no.

#6Eminem – Recovery

I actually gave this album a shot. I listened to the first 6 or 7 tracks and it just does nothing for me. I used to kind of like Eminem back in the day, but now it just sounds so childish to me. His music is really generic and the lyrics seemed aimed at someone else.

CLICK HERE for the complete list of bestsellers (it’s updated every hour.)

The Beatles Rock Band Is Just $28.49 On Amazon

I paid $60 for The Beatles Rock Band back when it came out on 9/9/9 and I’ve definitely got my money’s worth as I’ve played it many times (and still play it now.)

But at the moment you can get a new copy of the game for less than half of that price (just $28.49) on Amazon.com, it’s a pretty awesome deal.

The stereo & mono box sets are also less expensive than when they first came out.

AmazonMP3′s 100 Albums For $5 Promotion

Before you get too excited, I should mention that’s $5 for each of the 100 albums not for all of them. But $5 is still a pretty good price to pay for an album.

This promotion from AmazonMP3 includes a lot of excellent albums among the 100 (the list of 100 is updated monthly with new picks.)

Among the artists/bands included in this promotion are Led Zeppelin, Muse, Vampire Weekend, Andrew Bird, and The Yardbirds.

Click Here to check it out.

US Music Download Sales Hit New Peak In 2009

On January 10th I did a post about US vinyl album sales in 2009 and how the 2.5 million vinyl LPs sold in 2009 was a new peak since Soundscan started keeping track in 1991. This climb in vinyl sales has been a sharp climb from just under one million in 2007 to 1.8 million in 2008 to 2.5 million in 2009.

Vinyl sales weren’t the only music sales climbing in 2009 because US music download sales hit an all time high. A new record was set for digital album sales (76.4 million, a climb of 16% from 2008) and for digital track sales (1.159 billion, a climb of 8%.) Yes, you read that correctly – there were over a billion digital downloads sold last year.

Meanwhile, US CD sales continued to drop (there were 12% less CDs sold in 2009 than there were in 2008.) Yes, there were still far more CD sales than digital album sales (almost 300 million vs 76 million) but when you consider the billion+ single track downloads (which you could think of as about the equivalent of 100 million more digital album sales) than the lead CDs have over digital downloads isn’t as big as it appears to be (and it’s shrinking rather quickly.) Continue reading “US Music Download Sales Hit New Peak In 2009” »

Radiohead’s Kid A – Only $1.99 on AmazonMP3

I won’t go into my long spiel praising AmazonMP3 (yes, it’s much much better than iTunes) this time because this deal should make it’s awesomeness self evident:

You can now download Radiohead’s Kid A (many people’s – including myself – choice for “album of the decade”) for only $1.99 on Amazon!

Of course you probably already own this album, but if for some strange reason you do not, there’s no better time to rectify that situation than right now. I don’t know how long this $1.99 deal will be in place so it’s a good idea to take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

On top of this special deal they also have a large selection of albums available for only $5 and even a number of albums that are completely free (at the moment) such as this Philip Glass “sampler” which I’m downloading for free as I type this.

Kindle DX & Kindle With Global Wireless

EDIT: Now the Kindle DX also has global wireless service.

What’s Amazon’s Kindle have to do with music?

Well not too much directly, I suppose. But I read a lot of books about music and many of those books are available on the Kindle. On top of that, you can subscribe to some music blogs and magazines via the Kindle. These things also come with a basic web browser (and it’s like GPS navigator in that you don’t have to pay any monthly fees) so that you can browse your favorite music blogs (or whatever else you want) with it.

If you’re in the US then there are two choices if you’re thinking about buying one of these gadgets. The Kindle DX and the Kindle with Global Wireless. If you’re outside the US then you have to go with the global version. Continue reading “Kindle DX & Kindle With Global Wireless” »

$5 MP3 Albums On AmazonMP3

I’ve been hyping AmazonMP3 a lot lately and I think there’s plenty of very good reasons for that not least of which is their selection of over 800 albums that can be downloaded for just $5. There’s also the fact that the mp3 file quality is better than over at ITunes and you don’t have to worry about DRM.

CLICK HERE to check out the albums available for five bucks. Some examples are included below: Continue reading “$5 MP3 Albums On AmazonMP3” »

Save $86.12 On The 99 Most Essential Chopin Masterpieces

I’ve mentioned here a few times before how much I like AmazonMP3 (I think it’s way better than ITunes) for purchasing music downloads. The selection is outstanding and I like that the mp3 quality is better than it is on ITunes and that you don’t have to use ITunes as your player (I prefer Winamp) and that there’s no DRM. I just think it’s a superior way to buy downloads.

On top of that they are always running great promotions such as the one I’m sharing with you today on the first day of 2010.

You can buy “The 99 Most Essential Chopin Masterpieces” (I’m on a classical kick lately so this greatly interests me) for just $1.99 (that’s $86.12 less than buying each of the mp3s individually.)

On top of that they have a huge selection of albums that you can download for less than $5.

For example: Emotionalism by The Avett Brothers is currently just $1.99 which is pretty ridiculously inexpensive (and it’s a great album, by the way.)

I’m telling you, if you’re an ITunes fiend, give AmazonMP3 a chance. It’s a better way of buying downloads.

Online Christmas Shopping: Time Is Running Out

A little PSA for anyone else who does almost all of their Christmas shopping online: Time is running out, especially if you’re interested in getting free shipping (which I would assume that you are.)

Some Places To Shop: Amazon.com, GuitarCenter.com, & CCMusic.com

In Canada: Amazon.ca

In the UK: Amazon.co.uk

If you’re reading this on December 24th (or if you really just can’t think of what to buy for someone on your list) then an Amazon Gift Certificate is probably your best bet because someone can pretty much buy anything they would want at Amazon since it has such a huge selection.