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Radiohead Documentary: Meeting People Is Easy

I just found out that Radiohead’s Meeting People Is Easy (1998 documentary) is available on YouTube in its entirety. Check it out:

From Wikipedia:

Meeting People Is Easy takes place during the promotion of Radiohead’s 1997 release OK Computer, containing a collage of video clips, sound bites, and dialogue going behind the scenes with the band on their world tour, showing the eventual burn-out of the group as the world tour progresses. The inaugural show of the OK Computer tour began on 22 May 1997 in Barcelona, Spain. Their final performance, 104 concerts later, was in New York’s Radio City Music Hall.

New Coldplay Song (& Music Video)

“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”

I haven’t been much of a Coldplay fan in the past and I don’t think this song is going to change things for me. I can hear why people like them, but it just seems a bit too soft on the corners for me.

But recently I’ve been thinking about how ridiculous music criticism is. Isn’t it just people trying to figure out what’s going on? And not doing too well at it either.

On the other side though; without context does art (or music) have meaning? Beyond just being “pretty” I mean? Maybe not. And that’s not to say then that we should just watch and listen to pretty things but that context is important. So maybe it’s not dancing about architecture.

Dancing about architecture kind of makes sense anyway. About as much sense as most things we do, anyway. Assuming you are also a person (re: “we.”) I’m quite sure I am.

I find it interesting when absolutely insane things happen in television shows and people just go on like it’s just an obstacle on the way. I’m thinking of premise of the show Drop Dead Diva. This woman dies and becomes another woman and then just goes on and … lives her new life? (the big deal in the show is that she goes from being a ditzy hot girl to a smart fat girl.)

How could anyone deal with that? I mean, I just can’t imagine being functional in such a scenario. Are there people who are so uninvested in being the person that they are that they could just be someone else and have it not be that huge of a deal to them? (Not that it’s not a big deal to her in the show, just that she goes on living without having a complete mental breakdown.)

The Beatles “Revolution #9″ Arranged For 20 Piece Orchestra

The 20 piece chamber orchestra group Alarm Will Sound performing “Revolution #9″ by The Beatles as arranged by Matt Marks:

It’s really incredible to me that they managed to recreate a recording as insane as “Revolution #9″ (which is mostly tape loops) in a live setting with real instruments and voices. Amazing.

I imagine that John Lennon & Yoko Ono would have been absolutely amazed if you told them in 1968 when they were putting together “Revolution #9″ that in 2010 there would be a 20 piece chamber orchestra playing every part of its insanity live.

Looking further into this group (Alarm Will Sound) – I found that they’ve also done an album of Aphex Twin covers. I haven’t heard it yet, but that sounds like a similarly amazingly ambitious (and very cool) idea. Continue reading “The Beatles “Revolution #9″ Arranged For 20 Piece Orchestra” »

Radiohead: Live in Prague on August 23, 2009

“On August 23rd 2009, a group of Radiohead fans descended on the Výstaviště Holešovice Exhibition Hall in Prague on a mission to capture the band playing using as many different angles as possible. Bringing together the exceptional talents of many contributors, here’s a glimpse of the result.”

After learning about the project Radiohead gave the makers of the video the soundboard recordings of the show (this means the sound quality is excellent.)

Watch/Listen Here

Click Here to download the whole show to your computer.


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Paul McCartney & Howard Stern Interview In 2001

Today I came across this really great Paul McCartney interview with Howard Stern in 2001 (not sure of the exact date, but it’s after 9/11) and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I should share it here.

I’m one of those Beatles freaks who has seen and read everything about The Beatles so usually McCartney’s interviews are kind of boring because he just says the same things I’ve heard a thousand times before, but Stern really does an excellent job in this interview with asking interesting questions and getting a bit deeper into the guy. I feel like I know Paul better after hearing this interview.

You can hear it here (it’s split up into parts, and it’s just audio.)

Part 1

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Inception’s Music

I thought this YouTube video on the music used in the movie Inception (which is brilliant, go see it if you haven’t yet) was cool enough to share it here so I’m going to embed it even though I usually have a no YouTube video policy (since they so often end up getting deleted.)

Paul McCartney Live On YouTube / Political Rant

Today at 3:30PM EST Paul McCartney is performing a benefit concert which is going to be streamed live on the Born HIV Free YouTube Channel.

In other cool McCartney related news, I appreciate that he is refusing to apologize for the joke he made about George W. Bush when he was collecting the Gerswin Prize at the White House. Continue reading “Paul McCartney Live On YouTube / Political Rant” »