The Strange Loop

The Strange Loop is the other side of the MySpace music equation. We’ve written some scathing reviews of some of the most popular MySpace “artists” such as Hollywood Undead (who are truly awful) but then there’s cool quirky original music like The Strange Loop, who prior to MySpace (and the internet in general) would probably have had a hard time getting heard by anyone. While they haven’t exactly hit the big time just yet (they have a total of 657 plays thus far) I do think that it’s a great thing that music like this can be made and heard without any commercial BS getting in the way.

They list The Unicorns, The Islands, David Bowie, Belle & Sebastian, Neil Young, Beck, & Neutral Milk Hotel as their influences. I don’t really hear the emotional nakedness of Neutral Milk Hotel or the experimentation of David Bowie here. Of the artists they list as their influences, I mostly hear Belle & Sebastian. Unfortunately for The Strange Loop, Belle & Sebastian aren’t among my favorite bands and I don’t think The Strange Loop will be making their way into my regular listening routine but I will certainly post a retraction of this statement if they do.

Yes, while I do like the music here it’s a bit too twee and laid back to really grab me. That being said, I do think it’s quality stuff that you should check out if Belle & Sebastian (and similar groups) are among your favorites.

For some reason the lofi track “Build Itself” (which sounds like it was recorded on a four track) is probably my favorite song on their MySpace page. It seems to have a bit more energy and weirdness to it than their other tracks and weirdness tends to be a positive for me. “Iowa” is probably their most polished sounding tune. It sounds like the type of tune you’d hear on an indie movie soundtrack. The singer’s voice reminds me a lot of Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal in this song.

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