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The Best Place To Download MP3s For Your Microsoft Zune!
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Recommended For Zune Downloads

Amazon.com is recommended for downloading mp3s to be played on your Zune (or on any other mp3 player or on your computer or to be burned onto CDs.) Why? Because their service is the easiest to use, they have the best prices, and they have an enormous selection! They also have less restrictions on their downloads than other sites (such as iTunes.) CLICK HERE to start downloading mp3s for your Zune now.

Whats Your Favorite Kind Of Music?

No matter what kind of music you are into you'll be able to find it 24/7/365 on Amazon. Who is your favorite band? Is it Radiohead or Stereolab? How about Van Halen, Guns N Roses, or The Strokes? How about Weezer, The Velvet Underground, or The Stone Roses? Do you want to hear music from 2007 or 1967? Or any other year? It doesn't matter what kind of music (or how old or how new it is) you are into because you'll be able to find it using Amazon! You can order by credit card any time of day any day of the year. So get started downloading music for your Microsoft Zune right now!

Special Note To Beatles Fans:

As of today (it's 8/29/09) The Beatles are one of the few bands/artists that doesn't have their music available for download (on Amazon or on any other site.) In fact they are the only band that I know of that doesn't! Why not? Well that's a complicated legal matter that's still being worked out. But what's most important to you is how do you get their music onto your Zune then if you can't download it?

The answer is you must buy their albums and "rip" them onto your computer into mp3s, this is generally not too difficult and you will find plenty of websites which tell you how to do just that if you don't know how to do it yet. I recommend getting the new remastered Beatles box sets because they have all of The Beatles music in it's best ever fidelity. Go to The Beatles Store on Amazon to start shopping for their albums now.

You Can Also Buy Zune MP3 Players On Amazon:

Other Choices:

Napster.com - For just $15 you can get 15 songs and three months of unlimited listening!

Napster.co.uk - For those living in the UK: 8 million songs to choose from!

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